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Already for 17 years the company Fáze s.r.o. has been successfully carrying business in the sphere of electronics, especially the receiving technology. Our key job description is the complex solution of antenna systems for the TV-R reception. At present we predominantly deal with the TV-R signal distribution for digital reception.

We install antenna systems generally in one-family houses, firm domiciles, dwelling-houses with more participants and in smaller hotels. Due to our individual approach to every single customer, application of modern measuring equipment and technology we enjoy a great success and contentment.

By our approach we strive to satisfy our clients’ requirements at our best.

What services we provide :

  • Measuring of both analog and digital signals for TV, SAT and R (also HDTV) reception
  • Satellite and terrestrial antennas direction
  • Reconstruction – repairing of TV, SAT and R signal distribution systems. We can provide digital DVB -T signal reception via existing wiring, by the possibility current cable net
  • Designs of TV, SAT and R signal distribution systems for individual reception – one-family houses, weekend houses etc. After a negotiation the implementation of signal distribution for more participants is possible – CATV – prefabs, condominiums, blocks of flats, hotels
  • Expert installation of electronic devices bought by you – video, audio systems interconnection, home cinema systems
  • Individual retail of TV, SAT, R (also HDTV) receiving technology
  • Loan – lease of receiving technology – SAT sets, DVB-T receivers
  • Technical support in the area of TV, SAT and R reception
  • Haven’t you found the answer concerning TV, SAT and R reception? Ask us.